Stereo track to two mono tracks

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Stereo track to two mono tracks

Postby drfred01054 » Wed May 20, 2015 22:06

Greetings from Western Massachusetts!

I'd like to find the most elegant way to turn a recorded stereo track, one of five such stereo tracks in a chamber music recording session, into two mono tracks. (The reason is that I need to have more control over the "left side" of this stereo track, and pan it to match the viola's place in the stereo image, instead of full left, which is where it sits right now). I did not foresee this need when I set up the session, and will never get caught like this again! The other four stereo pairs are truly stereo mic'ing pairs, while this "pair" comprises two different, separated mics which should never have been assigned to a stereo track in the first place.

I could render this viola spot mic track as a new duplicate track, only a mono one, but that seems rather involved, especially since I'd like to do this for two days worth of sessions!
Is there a simpler way to be able to pan this "left half of a stereo pair" track across the stereo image, without "re-recording" it? I'm already set up in my usual source-destination editing mode, so whatever I do will probably have to be done twice--up above on the source side (where all tracks are arranged in order on the timeline), and then set up down below on the destination side--unless there's a way to do it via the mixer, to which source and destination tracks are all assigned similarly.

I have yet to find anything I've ever needed to do in Pyramix which could not be accomplished in at least two or three different ways. ;>)

And, yes, I'm running V. 9.1.8.


"Dr. Fred"

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Re: Stereo track to two mono tracks

Postby DJS » Wed May 20, 2015 22:55

Hi Dr Fred, you need to do a little panhandling! 8O

The little stereo pan arrows in the mixer can be turned into two little mono pan control arrows that can then be moved independently. Right click the pan control and choose Balance/Pan mode, then left click Dual Panner. This allows you to shift the left and right independently. A bit simpler than splitting the tracks into two.
David Spearritt
Classical and Acoustic Music, BNE, Australia

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Re: Stereo track to two mono tracks

Postby drfred01054 » Thu May 21, 2015 03:46

Thank you so much, David!

That certainly fits my request for elegant!

I continue to be amazed at the number of helpful features Pyramix has waiting to be discovered, once one needs them.

Thanks, again!

Fred Bashour