PMX native on a lap top

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PMX native on a lap top

Postby PeteSfz » Wed Nov 12, 2014 05:25

Just wondering what spec lap top would be neded to run V9 native.
Also, looking at using a Waves DIGIGrid MGB, which allows 128 chs (@48K). Is this track count possible on a lap top writing to an external drive.
Pete Sfz
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Re: PMX native on a lap top

Postby DJS » Wed Nov 19, 2014 22:55

Hi Peter,

Almost any of the higher end laptops will be fine on CPU and memory specs, the most important thing now is to try to get two native SATA interfaces, one for a system SSD drive and a separate one for data. I would avoid external drives like the plague, the connection methods (USB, Firewire) are a bit of a joke. I run PMX Native 9 on one of the ASUS G73 gaming machines. It has an quad-core i7, 12GB ram and two SATA interfaces. If necessary, I see no reason it can't run Masscore despite Merging not certifying Masscore on laptops, but haven't tried it. Plenty of cores to spare.

David Spearritt
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