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Win7, the UAC and Pyramix

Posted: Wed Jul 30, 2014 18:39
by fl
I'm only now getting around to upgrading to Win7 (32 bit) from XP, so this question may be old news for many of you.

Win7 has this annoying feature - the User Access Control - perhaps you know it. It seems that starting Pyramix triggers this stupid thing every time I launch it. I know that I can turn the notices off, but in true Microsoft fashion, it's an all or nothing deal. They've never heard of white lists?

Anyway, all the various remedies I've found online for this seem to involve some sort of kludgy workaround to produce a workaround that is as much or more work than dealing with the pop-up window.

Is everyone experiencing this? Is everyone just living with it?

Also, if there are any Bootcampers out there, with some suggestions for lowering DPC Latencies, I'd be grateful. I've already disabled the Battery monitor, Bluetooth and wireless network drivers, and I can run Pyramix without any audio interruptions, but still, my DPC Latencies (from DPC Latency Monitor) seem to be on the high side.