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Lexicon Plug-in

Postby mjbennett » Fri Jun 06, 2014 11:40

I'm having problems with Lexicon Native Reverb VST and Pyramix 9.

When originally installing Lexicon in the new VST scanner menu, I had a few crashes. Finally it was able to see the plug-ins, after I deduced that the files were installing incorrectly.

I was able to use the plug pin, but after starting Pyramix without the iLok concocted Pyramix crashed. I re-opened and removed the plug-in. Pyramix then started crashing on start-up, when trying to load 'effects states'. The project was able to be opened by two colleagues on different machines, but kept crashing mine. Renaming, and reserving didn't resolve the problem.
I've temporarily fixed it by uninstalling Lexicon plugins.

I'm running PMX9.0.7 Build 23372 in 64 bit, with the 64 bit lexicon plug-in.
Has anyone else experienced this behaviour? It seems there's a number of plug-ins which aren't working (most irritatingly reNOVAtor).

Any thoughts appreciated.

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Re: Lexicon Plug-in

Postby SoundKlang » Tue Jun 17, 2014 09:14

Not sure if this helps: In Pyramix 8 with the separate VST Scanner application, I would

- deinstall the plugins causing the problem
- then let the VST Scanner do a complete "Re-Scan" of the plugin folder/-s
- reinstall the plugins
- start a regular "Scan" of the VST Scanner

This helped certain times, when for example turning back from a jBridged version to the original. I don't know about the internals, but I assume the VST Scanner builds an internal database, to which the "Scan" function adds additional VST dlls but does not remove those which were deleted in the file system. So to remove old entries, I do a complete "Re-Scan".

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Re: Lexicon Plug-in

Postby Marcuch » Thu Sep 04, 2014 14:52

I found a mysterious dependence, that if you remove "Program Files/VSTPlugins" folder from the VST search list and force Pyramix to forget the VoiCode plugin, Lexicon bundles work properly without a crash, (after the re-scan). If you have some precious plugins' DLLs in "Program Files/VSTPlugins", move them to some different location and add this location to the search list. Unfortunately you cannot just remove the VoiCode.Dll from the folder - Pyramix will reinstall it automatically.