V8.1 upgrade from V6.2 - bug disappointment

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Re: V8.1 upgrade from V6.2 - bug disappointment

Postby J.Wajer » Thu Mar 13, 2014 14:23

You have my full sympathy and support.
...Gracefully Ignored...

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Re: V8.1 upgrade from V6.2 - bug disappointment

Postby fl » Thu Mar 13, 2014 21:19

ARS wrote:Yes, but it gets worse. It also happens if the source track where moving from is collapsed. So by definition you see the same mono part. It is even more buggy when not all collapsed tracks have the same track visible.
And then there is an additional bug when dragging to the track group touching the bottom of the window - this almost always breaks the multitrack group.

I've tried once again - multi-track session, many identical Track Groups, all collapsed, clips placed one after another on the first Track Group, each Group set so that its collapsed view is of a different track than its neighbours, with the Track heights set so that all collapsed Groups fill the screen - so that the last one is right at the bottom edge.

Try as I might I can't break the Clip Grouping. I can certainly drag grouped clips onto the wrong Tracks, resulting in some Clip tracks spilling over into the next Track Group - but everything remains Grouped. I can de-select, then re-select and drag from one track to another, from one Track Group to another - nothing destroys the grouping unless I do it on purpose. I believe that the proper response for this finding is, "Hunh..."

If you have set things up so that you have different numbers of tracks in multiple Track Groups, each with a different track selected to be what is shown when the Group is collapsed, then I think you're really courting trouble, especially if you intend to drag grouped Clips from one Track Group to another - no wonder things wind up on the wrong track. It might be better to enable the "Auto Collapse" function for each group in the Track Groups Tab, so that at the very least, the group under your mouse pointer is expanded when dragging clips, so that you can ensure that clips wind up on the proper tracks.

I have seen people get into difficulty when they are building a Source-Destination session from a simple tracking session, by adding new tracks and Track Grouping them. Unless the new Destination Group matches exactly the structure of the Source Group, mayhem (well, actually, nothing) will result when trying to Auto Edit. In these cases, it's best to make the new Track Group by using the Duplicate function in the Track Group Tab, rather than risk an error through adding new tracks one at a time.

I hear you about the bugs and their eradication - I've been bitching for years about the way the Fade Editor has to be called and closed, with no remedy in sight since version 5. Still, if you can avoid trouble....
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Re: V8.1 upgrade from V6.2 - bug disappointment

Postby ARS » Fri Mar 14, 2014 20:51

I always use the recording track group to duplicate the source tracks from, so that is not it.

I also sometime ago mixed down a cd image made of bad takes. V6 mixed down from a source track, not the only destination track. Since then, I always make sure the destination track is selected.
It forsakes a bit the concept of destination track, but hey....

I can add the client was impressed by the pre edit.... And more so by the reliability of Pyramix !