Exporting stereo wave files from tracks

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Exporting stereo wave files from tracks

Postby zurek » Wed Feb 26, 2014 12:44

Please, advice:
I have a simple project in Pyramix 8.1 consisting of 6 stereo tracks (so that each track has 2 strips). The original media files were stereo wave files. After some editing and rearranging the audio in the tracks, I need to export somehow the each track separately as a stereo wave file. I tried with rendering, but the result is either one multichanel wave file, or, when the option to export each track into separate wave is on, then, I get 12 mono wave files, but no stereo wave file. Is there a way, that I get a stereo file exported from each track, i.e. both the strips of a track combined together to form the L and R channel of a conventional stereo wave file, please?

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Re: Exporting stereo wave files from tracks

Postby fl » Wed Feb 26, 2014 22:05

Right-Click in the Track Header of the first - or left - Track of a stereo pair, and click on "Select all Clips" in the pop-up which appears. Next, go to the Selection Menu > Nudge > Grow Selection Down (or just type Control-Shift-DownArrow). This expands the range of selected Clips downward so that now those from the second, or Right track of the pair are included. Render all these to a new interleaved, stereo file. Repeat for each stereo pair you wish to export.

Rendering replaces whatever was on the Tracks with the product of the Rendering, so if you want to get back to the string of individual Clips, be sure to Undo after each Render process. Your new files will still be where you saved them.

If clicking on a Clip selects more material than you want, you may wish to break up the existing Clip Grouping(s), and then re-build according to a scheme that suits how you wish to work. You can Group Clips, vertically and/or horizontally, contiguously or not, and you can Group Groups of Clips (and Groups of Groups of Clips, etc.). Climb up and down this hierarchy by using the Group and Ungroup commands.

You can find more information about Clips and Clip Groups around page 161 in the Manual. Info regarding Tracks and Track Groups is found in Chapter 5. Note that the words "Clips", "Tracks", "Groups", "Track Groups" and "Strips" all have very specific meanings within Pyramix.
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Re: Exporting stereo wave files from tracks

Postby Graemme » Thu Feb 27, 2014 00:56

Assuming that you have a stereo output bus, use the 'Mixdown' function (Project menu) and leave 'One file per track' unchecked. Select the appropriate file format, word length and sampling rate as needed.

The source for this mixdown can be anything between the red/green in/out marks; any selection or the entire EDL.

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